Hashtag Printing

With our Hashtag Printing, guests share their photos to Instagram or Twitter using your event preselected  hashtag. From there, guests can print a copy of their branded photo.

Are you looking for a fun, organic way to engage your guest and boost your social media presence at your next event?

3 Simple steps

Your guests will love you for it.

Snap a photo.

Guests use their smartphone to capture photos at your event or place of business.

Tag and post it.

The photos are shared to Instagram or Twitter with your event specified hashtag.

Grab your print.

Our system will detect the #hashtag photos, automatically apply your business branding and print their photo.

Branded Prints

Unforgettable keepsakes for your guest.

You have full control over the design and layout of your social media prints. Use your own design team, or take advantage of our in house designers to create prints that match your brand or campaign.

More than Prints, it's a loudspeaker for your event

  • Social media reach & engagement
  • Precious user generated content
  • More brand awareness
  • Authentic display of your event from different angles
  • Content variety (selfies, products, location)
  • Users can participate from anywhere, not just a single spot
  • No annoying standing in line
  • Integration into existing social media campaign

Want This Service at Your Event?

You can contact us to book this service and create a customized

 experience for any event type!

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